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1992 – 1995    TEMPUSS_JEP 03016: “Microbiology and biotechnology of industrial fermentations”

1996 – 1999    TEMPUSS_JEP 11454: “European master degree in environmental biotechnology”

1999 – 2001    LeonardodaVinciI pilot project “Vocational training in biotechnology innovations and environment protection (BioINEP)BG99/2/ 013063/PI/II.1.1.c/ FPC; 1999/2001

2000 – 2003    LeonardodaVinciII pilot project “Open and distance learning in medical microbiology and immunology (ODL-HealthMI)” BG/00/B/P/PP-132060

2000 – 2003    LeonardodaVinciII thematic actions project “European partnership for vocational training in production of healthy sound bioproducts (EURO – BioHealth)” BG/00/C/P/TH/93202

2000 – 2003    SocratesCDA project “European master degree education in microbiology and microbiological control”, 67256-IC-1-1999-E-BG-ERASMUS-EPS-1/C

2002 – 2005    LeonardodaVinciIIPilot project “Job oriented e-learning in biotechnology and environment protection” (JOBeL-Bio) BG/02/B/F/PP-132106

2004 – 2007    LeonardodaVinciII transnational network project “Transnational network in Biotechnology and environment protection (HealthBiotech)” BG/04/B/F/NT-166032

2004 – 2007    LeonardodaVinciII pilot project “Public health training in social diseases(PubHealthSOD)” BG/04/B/F/PP-166033

2005 – 2007    LeonardodaVinciII pilot project „Innovative e-learning in reparative medicine(NOVAe-MED)” BG/05/B/F/PP-166046

2005 – 2007    LeonardodaVinciII pilot project “e-Reference tools for VET trainers in food industry(e-FOST)» BG/05/B/F/PP-166054

2008 – 2010    LeonardodaVinciII ToI project “Multimedia Training of VET Professionals for Innovation Support in Biotech Sector ( VET-InTech)” 2008-1-BG1-LEO 05-00433

2009 – 2011    LeonardodaVinciII ToI project “VocationalQualificationTransferSysteminPublicHealth (VQTS-PH)” 2009-1-BG1-LEO 05-01607

2009 – 2011    LeonardodaVinciII ToI project “CompetencebasedtrainingforVETprofessionalsincleanenvironment (COMBAT)” 2009-1-BG1-LEO 05-01655

2011 – 2013    LeonardodaVinciToI project “Implementation of ECVET for qualification design in sanitation and water loss management (EC-AQUA)” 2011-1-BG1-LEO 05-05029

2011 – 2013    LeonardodaVinciToI project “Vocational Qualification Transfer System in Ecology (ECO-MATRIX)” 2011-1-TR1-LEO 05-27987

2011 – 2013    LeonardodaVinciToI project “Competence based e-learning in general & health care waste management for new skills development(CARE-WASTE)” 2011-1-GR1-LEO 05-06797

Support for the creation of an appropriate infrastructure to enable the delivery of ‘skills for work’ training where ICT is involved. It would cover a broad range of opportunities, including: ‘on the job’ training, ‘training centres’, ‘technical school courses’ and ‘distance learning’.

Encouraging all initiatives aimed at developing and broadening the ‘research base’, particularly in relation to industry, and within the context of EU, regional and cohesive (i.e. non party) political policies.

Stimulating the transfer of ‘technology research work and knowledge’ from state institutions to both ‘public’ and ‘private’ research centres.

Stimulating the process of creating and developing SMEs to provide the driving force of the national economy in order to achieve both dynamic and competitive growth.

Support for the development of competence for defense of patents in the field of Biotechnology and the achievements connected with computers, intellectual property rights, defense of data-base and e-design.

Stimulation of progress towards ‘equality for women’ in all fields, particularly in their having the opportunity to obtain both the ‘professional qualifications’ and ‘necessary skills’ required for successful careers in ‘highly technological processes’.

Creation of liaisons between specific organisations to further the progress of professionally qualified members of minority groups, such as ethnic or special needs, into the workplace.

Stimulation of linguistic training for workers to enable them to gain or improve their professional qualifications and thus gain access to free movement within the EU labour market.

To support the democratic movement towards harmonization and implementation of the aquis communitaire through the capacity to, nationally: programme, monitor and evaluate, such projects and programs that have the approval and support of the EU.

To develop mechanisms of public/private partnership in order to implement national/international policies and the creation and improvement of: independent, self-financing , society promoting, social entrepreneurship.

The foundation achieves its main objectives by the following means:

By development, management and financing of its own projects and programmes.

By participating in national and international programmes.

By financing and supporting activities related to the main objectives of the foundation.

By establishing self-financing contacts and through cooperation with: persons, institutions and joint ventures, all of which are directly or indirectly connected with the objectives and activities of the foundation.

By organising: meetings, seminars and conferences, where the main objectives of the foundation will be set out and discussed.

As a result of increased commerce and trade, brought about by implementation of the foundation’s activities.

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