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To create the necessary conditions to encourage the unification of efforts of people professionally engaged in: ‘tutoring’ and ‘research and development’. Included would be detailed activities in the fields of: biotechnology, environmental protection and healthcare. Other major aspects covered would include: the economic costs and benefits, the legal implications and requirements and the application of ICT in all areas.

To coordinate the activities of its members in the purposeful and effective application of scientific achievements. To assist people who wish to upgrade their professional qualifications or to re-qualify by integrating them in such projects. To create both interest and opportunities, within relevant educational structures, with the aim of encouraging young people to achieve professional qualifications in the fields listed above and in new trends, as they arise.

To provide both support and encouragement, of its members creative initiatives, for the development of new technologies and expansion of environmental protection.

Cooperation in the improvement of biotechnological and healthcare education, and all related teaching, throughout the school system (primary, secondary and higher), in order to create the prerequisites to enable students’ progression to professional qualifications.

Establishment of partnerships with relevant institutions, in order to set out the methodological frameworks necessary to achieve successful training regimes such as: ‘Apprenticeships’, ‘Work-Linked Training’ and ‘Life Long Learning’.

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